Circular to Parents/Guardians

Circular to Parents/Guardians

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On behalf of the Ndola Trust School Board of Directors, Management and Staff, I wish to thank you sincerely for the support you rendered to the school during this term. Your participation in the children’s learning process made our work a lot easier. We pray the learners will be kept engaged during the two weeks they will be at home.

1.0 Term One 2022

Dear parents/guardians, as the school term comes to a close today, we would like to commend our members of staff and the learners for the hard work put in throughout this term.  Every term comes with its challenges, and term one was no exception. However, we are thankful that together, we have overcome hurdles that came our way.

2.0 Academic Performance.

Below is the trend analysis of our academic performance as a school:

Grade Seven 2018 to 2022 Trend Analysis







No of pupils

% age
2018 2019 2020 2021 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total number sat and Pass


71 74 70 73 100 100 100 100

Grade Nine 2018 to 2022 Trend Analysis


Range out of



% age


No of pupils


Percentage (%)

Year 2018 – 2021 2018 2019 2020 2021 2018 2019 2020 2021
Total number sat and Pass


35 40 40 43 100 100 100 100

2018 – 2021 Grade 12 Results Analysis

Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2018 2019 2020 2021
Range Number of pupils Pass Rate %
TOTAL 44 41 59 32 100 100 98 98

We wish to congratulate the examination classes of 2021 for the job well done. We further challenge our current examination classes to do even better.2018 – 2021 Grade 12 Results Analysis

3.0  Holiday Lessons for Examination Classes

Dear parents/guardians, kindly be advised that there will be holiday lessons for all Ndola Trust School examination classes (Grade 7, 9 and 12) during the April/May, 2022 holiday. This initiative is meant to help us enhance syllabus coverage in view of the losses suffered by learners in the previous years. The lessons will come at an added fee of K300 due to the cost of stationery and related expenses required to implement the programme.

4.0  Punctuality

Dear parents/guardians, Management has continued to observe with sadness a slackening in the observation of time during the course of Term One 2022. School teaches learners to be punctual because keeping time does not only end with their school life. It will be a requirement at the workplace. Learners who arrive late in class disturb the teaching and learning process. This is because teachers have to stop what they are doing to attend to those that are knocking at the door, at the time they are already delivering lessons.

The coming term will have lower temperatures. For young children, the temptation to remain in the warmth of their beds is high. Let us help them develop the habit of keeping time. We call on all of us to help drop off the learners at the right time.

5.0  Term One 2022 Educational Trips/Tours

Although the Ministry of Health has lifted the COVID-19 restrictions, provided you ensure masking up and maintain social distancing, the school mainly restricted itself to local trips. During this quarter, learners visited Chimfunshi Orphanage of Chimpanzees, Dag Hammarskjold memorial site, ZNBC Kitwe studios, Copperbelt University green houses, Chipulukusu Community Police and clinic.

The school partnered with Zesco United Football Club to have 100 learners watch a game for free at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium. The club has shown willingness to tap into potential talent from the school’s football teams.

6.0  Co-curricular Activities

Inter-school  science  fairs,  top-of-the-form  competitions,  quizzes  and  other  activities  that  mirror classroom academic work were restricted to internal initiatives by the school. The COVID-19 guidelines did not allow learners to interact beyond the approved school boundaries. Only recently did we have an inter-school quiz against Ndola Girls Technical High School.

7.0    Extracurricular Activities

The Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) to which Ndola Trust School belongs, created a sports fixture for the Midlands and Northern Region at the beginning of the term. The school participated in all the sports activities for the association. Thank you to all the parents/guardians who allowed the learners to travel out of town for these activities.

8.0    External Learning Facilitators

Term One 2022 saw the learners get exposed to interactions with external facilitators from different disciplines. These facilitators offered presentations from real life experiences. The presentations were as follows:

Date Organisation Topic/Event Facilitator
09.02.2022 Drug Enforcement Commission Dangers of Abusing Drugs and Alcohol Mrs Nancy Maboshe
19.02.2022 Zesco United F.C. Tour of Levy Mwanawasa Stadium Mr. Justin Chicheleko
23.02.2022 First National Bank Tree Planting Mr. Kampamba Mulenga
25.03.2022 Madison Life Insurance Financial Literacy Ms. Pamela Sinyinza
01.04.2022 RTSA Road Safety in the Car Park Mrs. Lubinda Gondwe

We are thankful to these organisations and presenters as feedback from the learners indicated that they immensely benefited from the presentations.

Ministry of Education 2022 School Calendar

The complete School Calendar for 2022 is as follows:




24th January, 2022


9th May, 2022

5th September, 2022
SCHOOL CLOSES 22nd April, 2022 5th August, 2022 2nd December, 2022
TOTAL WEEKS 13 13 13


8.1    Term One 2022 Primary Consultation Day

We would like to thank you parents/guardians for turning up in numbers to attend this term’s Consultation Day for Reception to Grade 7. It is always important to sit down and review how the performance of each child has been. Consultation Days also allow us to agree on expected performance standards of our learners. We then plan ahead, and put in place measures that should enable us achieve expected results for individual learners.

Dear Parents/Guardians, kindly be advised that the Secondary Section Consultation Day will be held on Friday 14th May, 2022. Your effort to attend this important interaction will be highly appreciated.

School Fees Invoices

Dear parents/guardians, the individual pupil’s school fees invoices for Term Two 2022 are ready for collection from the school Accounts Office. The break is only two weeks and there is need to prepare for the leaner’s return to school early. All fees are expected to have been settled in full before the opening date. We thank the organisations and individual families that have so far paid for Term Two, 2022. It makes our planning easier.

School Opens

The school will open on Monday 9th May, 2022 at 07 10 hours.


We wish our learners and the Ndola Trust School families a wonderful holiday and we look forward to having them back on the opening day.

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