Returns and Records

The following records must be maintained accurately and made available on demand:

  1. Class Registers
  2. Lower School Reading Program plus teacher’s class copies
  3. Middle School Reading Program plus teacher’s class copies
  4. Children’s Personal Records
  5. Forecast – Records Books
  6. Personal teaching Schemes (Yearly/Termly)
  7. Examination Schedules
  8. Progress Reports
  9. Register of Movable Assets
  10. Register of Classroom Equipment/Books issues
  11. Soft copy of school inventory

Reports to Parents

Parents are entitled to regular, reasonable, comprehensive, professional report of the progress and attitudes of their children

  1. Routine Reports
    • Written reports are given twice a year in term two and term three for all grades
    • Oral reports are given during consultation sessions in Term one when written reports are not issued
    • Three open days are held in each term
  2. Reports on Demand
    • Transfer reports are issued and reports to supplement applications for other schools outside the country are given too.

All reports have duplicate copies for pupil’s personal file

All reporting to parents take place at school and not in social settings elsewhere

Home Work Policy

Homework is to be set. There should not, however, be any in the ordinary sense in the Infant School, but children should be given the means and encouraged to practice their reading at home.

In the Middle and Upper School, homework must be sent methodically and regularly, marked promptly and assessed and followed up immediately. Work set should be purposeful, relevant and a judicious mixture of written work and learning.

It should be set according to needs of the time in relation to the classwork being done.

Work set must be within the capacity of the child and not require assistance, as opposed to encouragement, interest and supervision by parents. Work done by parents instead of children is of little value.

Work set must be aimed at each child as regards difficulty and length.

Homework should be standardized wherever possible within each grade. Unfinished work is information for the teachers to reconsider the work given as homework

Parental signatures are a MUST on all written homework.